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News & Information

  • EoC Intern Program and Online Application

    EoC Internship: Online Application and Program Details

    Contact: Antonella Ferrucci, John Mundell Program Information: Please read this important information, EoC Intern Program Summary.pdf, before applying. APPLY ONLINE HERE

    Contact: Antonella Ferrucci, John Mundell

  • Summer School 2014 Mexico Economy of Communion

    Please find information in the attached flyer regarding the upcoming EoC summer school for young people ages 18 - 35 in El Diamante, Mexico. We appreciate your help in sharing this invitation with people you think maybe interested! Please encourage individuals to email eocassoc@gmail.com to express interest and learn about financial aid opportunities to attend.

    Contact: Luigino Bruni eocassoc@gmail.com

  • North American Economy of Communion Annual Report 2013

    The Economy of Communion in Freedom North American Zone Report 2013 Final Report America is now available. We hope this report conveys both the life we see emerging with new companies, initiatives, interested young professionals and others, alongside some of the challenges we are working to address related to the future of the EoC. The EoC continues to serve as a concrete expression of what we see many are seeking in their lives: an integration of faith, professional life, and need for a sense of authentic purpose.

    Contact: Elizabeth Garlow & John Mundell

  • Luigino Bruni: Press Release - The Wound and the Blessing

    The crisis that market societies are undergoing is essentially a crisis of relationships. It originates in the illusion that the market, through the actions of an “invisible hand” operating in impersonal market relationships, can present us a good common life exempt from the possibility of being wounded by the other. Luigino Bruni offers an authoritative and innovative look at the cultural and anthropological premises underlying contemporary market economies and their promises. He suggests that the market has betrayed its promises and points out the need for balancing the increasing tendency toward isolation with the human need for relationships. http://www.newcitypress.com/wound-and-blessing.html

    Contact: Elizabeth Garlow

  • UN Session Feb 3rd, 2012 - Eradication of Povery

    Ongoing Developments in the Fight for the Eradication of Poverty. United Session, Feb 3rd, 2012 12:15 - 1:15 PM. Please join us for the session! See flier for details.

    Contact: John Mundell

  • EoC Brazil: May 25-28 2011 International Assembly

    International EoC Assembly: Schedule of Events (English) May 25-28, 2011 Mariapolis Ginetta, São Paulo See also https://edc2011.info/

    Contact: email: centrofiladelfia [at] terra.com.br

  • No One in Need Video

    View Video: No One in Need (1 min)

    Contact: Durva Correia/Mundell & Associates

  • New City Press EoC Book Release!

    New Financial Horizons
    Author: Lorna Gold, Foreword by Michael Naughton
    View press release: Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Economy of Communion

    The Economy of Communion
    Luigino Bruni (ed.)
    View press release: Principles at the root of the EoC and its unique characteristics.

    Contact: www.newcitypress.com